Vince Neil Invites Middle Tennessee School of Rock Students to Perform

Students at the Franklin and Nashville locations of the School of Rock last were paid an unexpected visit from a rock and roll big leaguer: Motley Crue's Vince Neil.

Neil surprised the music students to invite them to take part in a performance at this year's inaugural Big Machine Music City Grand Prix. "At the School Of Rock, we believe the stage is the greatest teacher, and we love providing our students the opportunity to play high profile gigs like the Grand Prix," says co-owner Kelly McCreight. "Having Vince Neil come and speak with the kids, listen to them play, and actually get on stage with them… priceless!"

The three-day rock and racing festival is set to kick off on August 6th on the Nissan Stadium campus. The course will cross Tennessee's Cumberland River by way of the Korean Veterans Memorial Bridge, making the festival the only motorsports event to cross a body of water, organizers say.

Did you realize the School of Rock was real? Do actual rock stars ever come out of places like the School of Rock?

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