David Crosby calls Neil Young the most ‘selfish’ person he’s ever met

I wouldn't hold out hope for a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young reunion anytime soon.  David Crosby took some bitter swipes at his former bandmates in a sizzling interview withThe Guardian.

Crosby called Neil Young "probably the most self-centered, self-obsessed, selfish person I know".

Graham Nash didn't fare any better - Crosby said he "changed from the guy I thought was my best friend to being a guy that is definitely my enemy" - adding that they hadn't spoken in years.

The only CSNY member Crosby is on good terms with? Steven Stills - he says the two still keep in touch.

Did you know there was so much animosity between the members of CSNY? Is it possible that David Crosby is actually the problem here?

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