Valentine's Gifts For People You Hate

Are you a scorned ex looking to exact your revenge against the one who broke your heart? Or someone trying to find a clever way to break it off? Or just wanna send a message to someone you hate on Valentine's Day?

Well, good news for you! There IS a solution.  TheCHIVE has put together a list of "gifts" to send to someone that you really don't like, and it's pretty spectacular (and in some cases, NSFW).

For example, you can send someone a pile of poop, and as an added bonus you get to choose the animal it comes from!

Or maybe add a touch of romance with these dead roses

A lovely candle...that smells like poo after a little while

Or mail them a brick.  Even a whole box of bricks if you want!

Other "gifts" include a box of scorpions, a bag of erm...phallic gummi objects, and quite literally a box of nothing.  Check out a few more ideas here and Happy Valentine's Day!

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