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Wendy's Just Trolled McDonald's and the Internet Loves It

McDonald's made an important announcement on their Twitter account last week

Totally harmless tweet right? A big announcement and apparently a drastic difference from McDonald's current beef situation.


Well, except Wendy's social media team was on top of it.

Yes, Wendy's, who just a few months ago made national headlines for hilariously roasting their followers on Twitter, made waves again by brilliantly trolling their biggest fast food rival.

And, as the internet usually does, the internet piled on.

And someone even brought ICE CREAM to a burger fight

Bless their heart, McDonald's tried to combat the Twitter reaction, but it ended up just being a series of scripted, robotic responses that didn't really accomplish their goal

Meanwhile, Wendy's on the other side of the computer lookin like

I believe this Twitter war has a clear winner...

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