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These Houston Bakers Made The Most Out of Being Stuck

The catastrophic flooding in Houston has certainly been horrifying to watch. But if you want to find a positive takeaway it's that so many stories have emerged that have restored our faith in humanity.  Stories that show that, even in a time of extreme turmoil and divisiveness within our own country, we can still all be compassionate human beings that want to do the right thing.

Here's an amazing example.

Three employees of El Bolillo Bakery in Houston were trapped inside their workplace because the roads outside became too flooded to safely travel home.  While many people would have spent that time panicking or trying to find a way home, these three gentlemen decided to use their situation to help the greater good.

Using 4,000 pounds of flour from the bakery, they spent all day and night making bread with the intent of delivering it to hurricane victims and first responders in need.

Literally HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of loaves of bread.

Taking notes from their employees, the owners of both El Bolillo locations in Houston are now open and baking around the clock - donating bread to shelters, first responders, and other victims and their families.  They also have their stores open so that anyone can come and buy bread for their families until they run out.

The good hasn't gone unnoticed, either.  As their story has gone viral, they have received donations to offset their costs and provide even more relief for the Houston community.

See, there IS still good in the world! If you're looking for ways that you can help the Hurricane Harvey victims, donate to the Red Cross here.

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