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Here's What Tide Pods Do To Your Body

First of all, it's sad that we're in 2018 and we have to tell people that eating laundry detergent is a bad idea.

By now, I'm sure you've heard of the #TidePodChallenge, where people are literally EATING TIDE PODS to gain internet notoriety. 

So what actually happens when you eat a Tide Pod? Well, as I'm sure you guessed, it's not super healthy.

Teen Vogue did an interview with a director of Emergency Departments, Ivan Miller, about the effects that eating a Tide Pod does to your body.


But here's the deal....

Unless some squirts in your eye, the first point of contact is your mouth and then throat.  Because it's literally like obviously burns your mouth, and can cause damage to the inner mucosa of your mouth. It can also damage the lining of  your stomach or esophagus as it travels down. In children, it may cause vomiting.

The most severe damage can come if some of the detergent leaks out and squirts in your eye.  It can cause damage to the cornea and, in extreme cases, blindness.

You're unlikely to DIE from eating Tide Pods, but it HAS happened.  If a child eats one or an adult eats enough of them, it can cause pretty severe damage.

So, moral of the story, kids.  DON'T EAT TIDE PODS.

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