Teachers Are Flooding Instagram with #ArmMeWith and We're Here For It

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Ever since the tragic shooting at Parkland High School just a week ago, talks about stricter gun laws have been at an all-time high.  There are proponents in Washington of allowing teachers to carry weapons as a countermeasure to anyone who entered the school with the intent to harm.

While there are advocates on both sides of the argument, teachers across the country are taking to social media to share what they REALLY need in order to promote the mental health of their students and potentially prevent future incidents from happening.  Started by teachers in Utah and Kansas who knew each other via social media, the hashtag #ArmMeWith seeks to give teachers a platform to express their feelings on the subject, and the posts are honestly eye-opening.

While some take the opportunity to post politically-charged statements, others point out alarming flaws in the public education system and a lack of resources that prevent teachers from nurturing their students in a way that's effective for their emotional development.  

During our last Lock Down Drill I ushered two second graders under the small space beneath my desk and then quickly pushed the chair in so they were hidden. As I settled myself down in front of the desk, one of them whispered to me, “What about you?”. I quickly and quietly whispered back, “That’s what I’m here for.” While I believe I will protect my students with every last fiber of my being, I do not believe in the thinking that I need to be “adept at firearms” in order to keep them safe at school. That was just a drill and fortunately no one died that day, but a piece of my heart sure did😢💔! #armmewith #marchforourlives #jointhemovement

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This is a movement that I can 100% get on board with. If you’ve heard me talk about my class size the last couple years, you will not be surprised that this is one of my hot button issues. In the mind of children, negative attention is still attention, and I believe that as we raise class sizes, overload teachers, and cut support, we will continue to see major behavioral, social, and emotional issues rise to unparalleled levels. I think that reaching out to educators about ways that we can be PROactive, not reactive, in the education world to reduce violence of any kind is absolutely one of the best places to start making a change! . . . . . #ArmMeWith #RealTalk #IssuesInEducation #iTeach2nd #iTeach3rd #TeacherLife #TeachersOfInstagram #TeacherCommunity #TargetTeachers

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I’m joining the movement. This time we don’t remain silent! #armmewith #teachersofinstagram #notonemore #commonsensegunlaws #onetoomany #iteachtoo #teachersvoice ....,..,... join me: http://goo.gl/52XggF

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“Relationships first. Everything else second.” #armmewith • • #teachergram #teachersofig #teacherspayteachers #teachersoninstagram #teachersfollowteachers #teacherlife #teacherstyle #iteach #iteachk #iteach2nd #iteachtoo #iteachsecond #secondgradetribe #secondgrade #2ndgrade #classroom #thecolorfulteacher #becolorful

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Thank you, @missbertels_ and @thesuperheroteacher, for starting this beautiful movement and inspiring me to join you #armmewith #enoughisenough #notonemore #iteach6th #teachersofinstagram

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#armmewith an education system that values social-emotional development and well-being as much as test score and graduation rates. I grew up with guns in two very different environments. One with my biological father, an irresponsible gun owner with a history of substance abuse and domestic violence. The other, with my step-father. His guns are under lock and key and he abides by every safeguard you can. I have shot guns my entire life and I have no business carrying one at school.

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My mom was a kindergarten teacher and my sister teaches elementary music, so I hear firsthand some of the baffling obstacles that our educators face day-in and day-out, and while it certainly wouldn't be the ONLY solution to a massive problem, surely it wouldn't hurt to arm our teachers with some of the resources they're asking for, right?



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