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Nashville Has It's First "Rage Room"

Ever had a stressful day and just felt like beating the crap out of something?

Well, thanks to a new business just opened up on Fesslers Lane, you can do it and NOT get in trouble for it!

Bash-ville is a "rage room", where for just 25 bucks you can bash a bucket of stuff - TVs, phones, tables - you name it, you can bash it.  And they provide ALL of the equipment for the bashing.  Hammers, axes, baseball bats...whatever you need to go all Carrie Underwood "Before He Cheats" on something.

If you're thinking "Hey, that's sort of violent", you're right. But the idea is to relieve your stress on something in a safe, controlled environment rather than at work, home, or school.  

On their website, they emphasize that it's NOT a medical therapy, and that people with serious anger issues should seek out professional help rather than bash a TV in with a hammer. Bash-ville is supposed to be for "fun and decompression from everyday stressors".

While there are very few pictures and videos right now of the newly-opened Bash-ville, a similar concept exists in Toronto, so here's a sneak peek of what a "rage room" is all about.

Seem like fun? Here's their website. You gotta be 18 to participate though.  Happy Bashing!

(PS, I finally have a reason to use this GIF from Office Space - hooray!!)

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