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Here Are the 6 Instagram Poses That Are Most Annoying

I think there's always ONE type of Instagram pose that drives everyone crazy.  For me, it's "plandids".  You know what I mean...the super "candid" looking shot that was clearly staged for several minutes.  I don't know why I hate them...maybe it's because i'm not very good at them...but that's the one that I just can't deal with.

Well, the Daily Mail surveyed its readers, and here are the 8 most hated Instagram poses according to them.  See how many you're guilty of:

1. The selfie

Otherwise known as half of Zac Woodward's Instagram. I honestly don't understand the hatred towards the selfie, because let's be honest, we all do it, but with 34% of the vote, that was by far voted the most annoying pose.

2. "Hot Dogs or Legs"

I totally get this one.  I don't find it all that annoying, but I definitely find it much less clever than you think I do. Also, NOT hard to tell the difference

Hint: Those are legs.

3. Kissing pictures

This one feels bitter to me. Like, because you're alone and angry you have to be pissed about a picture of somebody being in a happy relationship? Now, if that's all that their Instagram is, I get it, but I don't see an issue here.

4. "Plandids" where you're not looking at the camera

PREACH, BROTHERS AND SISTERS. It's like, "OMG so and so shot this picture of me looking out over this scenery while I wasn't even looking. Good thing my hair was perfect and my face was angled just right and the light is great too!" 

You're. Not. Fooling. Anyone.

5. Pinching the sun.  

Maybe a little overdone, but I don't find this one particularly irritating - at least no more so than the people pretending that they're holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

6. The freeze jump

I don't mind this one so much, but mostly because watching people attempt to this is hilarious.  And also reminds me of this scene from The Office.

So there you go...the 6 most annoying Instagram poses, according to a bunch of people who are probably guilty of at least one of these Instagram poses.  How many of them exist on your feed?

For the full article from the Daily Mail, click here

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