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The Beard Challenge Has Come to Instagram and It's Kinda Weird

There's always a new trend on Instagram.  Some of them (Ice Bucket Challenge, for example) are for amazing causes.  Some of them (Tide Pods, Hot Stove Challenge) are downright stupid.

And some of them...well some of them are harmless but unexplainable.  

Enter the #BeardChallenge, where dudes are taking pictures from under their beards, giving the impression of a weird faceless cartoon character.

Exhibit A:

Some dudes are going the extra mile, getting a little crafty with their beards...

Adding some Photoshopped charm...

Or giving their underbeard distinctive character

To my knowledge, this is for no other purpose than to just be weird with your beard, which is both impressive but also...let's be honest....a little strange and creepy.

Got a beard? Take the #BeardChallenge and tag us @1075theriver! 

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