Predators Unveil New "Smash Car" For Round 2

One of the BEST traditions in hockey is the "Smash Car" that lives outside of Bridgestone Arena before every home game.  We've all seen it.  Most of us have participated in the smashing of an old clunker car, decorated in the enemy's colors...a tradition that's so quintessentially Smashville.

But the Smash Car for Round 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs will have a little different look...

Because it's not actually a car.

Our opponent is the Winnipeg Jets, so why NOT get a smash PLANE instead?

Reddit user throw_karma got a glimpse of what will be parked outside Bridgestone Arena on Friday when the puck drops on Round 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs, and honestly I can not WAIT.

Reddit: throw_karma

Who's ready to SMASH A FREAKING AIRPLANE on Friday?

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