[VIDEO]: Preds Star Mike Fisher's Son Helps Shave His Playoff Beard

The Preds' magical season came to a halt last night with a 5-1 Game 7 loss to the Winnipeg Jets, making hockey fans in Nashville have this reaction

But last night's loss doesn't just mark the end of the season for the Predators, it also marks an end to all those awesome playoff beards that we've come to know and love during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Mike Fisher, a Preds mainstay for years who un-retired and returned to Smashville mid-season, is no exception to that rule.  But he didn't just shave it like a normal human being. Nope, he got his 3-year old son Isaiah involved and it's the CUTEST THING EVER.

Thankfully, his wife (and country music superstar) Carrie Underwood was there to capture the moment on her Instagram.

She also shared her heartfelt support for her hubby and our Preds in a series of tweets late last night, and put her support (as I think we all are) behind this year's Cinderella story, the expansion Vegas Golden Knights

Nothing to be ashamed of for the Preds - a first ever Presidents' Trophy, seven awesome playoff games in Smashville, and a roster that's set to be great for years to come.

In the meantime - au revoir to all those beards!

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