A High School In Florida Brought a Caged Tiger To Its Prom

The theme of Christopher Columbus High School's Prom was "Welcome to the Jungle", and school administrators may have taken that theme a little bit too far.

Instagram Videos and tweets (most of which have been removed by the school's Instagram page) showed a caged live tiger being wheeled into the middle of the Miami schools' prom dance floor.

While school officials maintain that the experience was vetted by the Florida Fish and Wild Life Conservation, it's understandable that the internet is outraged at the thought of putting a wild and endangered animal in an environment where it's not only caged, but exposed to flashing lights, loud music, and a large number of people.

In addition, students were offered the opportunity to take their prom photos with a wild fennec fox (which is not in question, as they are often brought into classroom settings).

Earlier today the principal of the school released a statement regarding the tiger.

What do you think? Was this WAY over the line? 

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