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This 3-Week Firefly Phenomenon Can ONLY Be Seen In Tennessee

One of the coolest phenomena in the world happens in Tennessee every year, but if you want to witness it you're already running out of time.  That phenomenon is Synchronous Fireflies - fireflies that all light up in sync with each other.

It's a specific breed of fireflies that only lives in a handful of places in America, and the largest population resides in Great Smoky Mountains National Park in East Tennessee.

And it's an AWESOME sight.

The synchronization is a mating ritual for the breed.  Each firefly has a unique flash pattern that allows males and females to recognize their mating partner.  The males usually flash while flying, while the females usually respond while stationary.  

The best viewing of the Synchronous Fireflies is in Elkmont Campground, and passes are given out via a lottery system months in advance.  You can sign up for a pass here.

If you don't get in on a guided tour, however, you can still often see the fireflies from the ever-popular Cades' Cove.

Here's the catch, though.  Adult fireflies only live for about three weeks, so you have a VERY brief period of time to witness the phenomenon, usually between Memorial Day and mid-June.  

Anybody up for a trip this weekend?

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