Two Tennessee Drag Queens Are In the "RuPaul's Drag Race" Final!

If you haven't been keeping up with this season of Ru Paul's Drag Race on VH-1, maybe it's time to start.  The show has narrowed it's original field of 14 drag queens down to just 4, and two of them are from the state of Tennessee.

Kameron Michaels - aka Body Builder Barbie - has been in the Bottom 2 three times over the course of the season - but survived into the Final 4.  

Kameron, who lives in Nashville, "blurs the line between masculinity and femininity", according to her website  She travels for drag shows around the world, a schedule that's certain to get a lot more full with her newfound notoriety from the show.

Fellow Tennessean Eureka - David Huggard from Johnson City - is known as "The Elephant Queen".  She was on Season 9 of Drag Race but was sent home following a knee injury.  She's in the final four this year and trying to make it as the show's first "plus-size" winner.

While both are considered underdogs in the Final 4, they also make history as the first contestants from Tennessee to make it this far on the show.  New episodes of Ru Paul's Drag Race air on Thursday nights at 7pm on VH-1.  

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