Kroger Will Now Deliver Groceries to Your House

Trying to catch up with Amazon's 2-day grocery delivery service, Kroger is starting up their own delivery service in four cities...including right here at home.

Kroger, which already boasts ClickList as one of the most popular curbside pickup services for grocery chains, unveiled Kroger Ship - their own delivery service set to rival Amazon. It will launch in four cities - Cincinnati, Louisville, Houston, AND of course right here in Nashville.

Delivery will be free for orders over $35, and smaller orders will carry just a $4.99 fee.

The move represents the first major grocery chain to embrace shipping.  Wal-Mart has been working on the idea, and just last year Target acquired Shipt to set up a home delivery service, but neither has gotten off the ground yet.

But look, I love Kroger...and now I can go to Kroger without ever leaving my couch? DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE.

Check out Kroger Ship here

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