This Castle From "Game of Thrones" is For Sale...And Not Super Expensive

Gosford Castle...or "Riverrun Castle" from the show Game of on the market in Northern Ireland, and the price tag isn't nearly as hefty as you might think.

For GOT fans, this is where Robb Stark killed Rickard Karstark.  The castle has quite a history. It was built in the mid-1800s by the Earl of Gosford, but was commandeered during World War II and used as a POW camp.  Since then it's been a conservation area, a military facility, and most recently a hotel.

The partially developed and re-designed castle could be split up into six 3,500 square foot apartments, and the seller believes it could be a goldmine as commercial development.

BUT the price tag isn't all that hefty for a 20,000 square foot castle - just $696,000 (at least as a starting bid).  Now, there's a lot of the castle that still needs some work.  Oh, and there's no heat, so that sort of sucks when Winter is Coming.

But you can have a freaking castle for the same price as a condo in the Gulch so I'd consider that a worthy investment, right?

Check out the real estate listing and, if you have half a million dollars to blow, place your bid here.

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