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Instagrammers Ruined a Sunflower Farm in Canada

A sunflower farm in Ontario, Canada opened itself up to Instagrammers for beautiful photoshoots as a way to earn extra income.  Unfortunately, we can't have nice things.

Bogle Seeds grows sunflowers and other plants, which they harvest to turn into bird seed.  The owners of the farm, however, saw an opportunity to earn some extra income.  After all, the sunflower fields are BEAUTIFUL backdrops for photos, so they started allowing people to explore the farm and take Instagram selfies for just $7.50 a person.  And the results were, as you would expect, stunning.

Unfortunately, word got out a little too quickly, and within a matter of days (8 days, in fact), the farm had become so overrun with people searching for that perfect Instagram moment that the staff couldn't keep up.  People were walking the fields without paying, running over each other to get the best shots, and even causing traffic accidents in their hurry to hit the fields.  

What's worse is that sunflower crops are VERY delicate, and the added traffic could easily cause distress to the next crop of sunflowers.

The owners had to ban all outside traffic from their property, and the Instagram experiment lasted just a little over a week.

It's not the only place being threatened by Instagrammers either.  Worldwide, the quest for the perfect Instagram photo is said to be ruining places like Iceland, Macchu Picchu, and Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

But at least the pictures are great, right?   

Seriously, we all love a good Instagram picture, but be respectful of your environment and keep it beautiful for generations to come!

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