Travel Site Says Franklin Bakery Has The "World's Best Cake"

Nashville is known for hot chicken, whiskey, and....cake? According to travel site, the "world's best cake" is at a popular bakery in Downtown Franklin.

Triple Crown Bakery is on Columbia Pike, and while it seems unassuming from the outside, what's inside is pretty fantastic.

The website says "Triple Crown is the kind of small town bakery that takes your sugary dreams and spins them into an unbelievably delicious reality."

And if the bakery's Instagram account is any indication, this might be an understatement.  LOOK AT THIS COOKIES AND CREAM CAKE, OH MY GOD.

Oh, and even though they call it "The World's Best Cake", it's more than just that.  You can also find muffins, pastries, and more

But, honestly, I don't care.  I'm all about the cake.

Somebody go on a cake field trip with me STAT.

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