East Nashville is Basically Getting A Dog Country Club

Nashville is becoming known as one of the most dog-friendly cities in America, which is awesome, and a new business looks to capitalize on your puppy love...for a fee. The company behind popular online store BarkBox is starting BarkPark next month on Meridian Street in East Nashville.

BarkPark will be a membership-only dog park.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  You will have to be a member to take your pup.  Like a country club. For dogs.  For $48 a month (!!) you get unlimited access to the park, which will be outfitted with a well-maintained space, two trained staffers on site, and the opportunity to purchase snacks, coffee, or doggie toys and treats.  

You can also buy a season pass for $79 or a day-pass for $19.

The BarkPark will be open starting September 8th through November, and if the project succeeds BARK plans to search for a more permanent location in Nashville and then expand to other cities.

Look, on one hand, I get.  The membership fees allow BARK to pay extra money to keep the grounds looking great, paying the staff that's on site, etc. But paying more for a dog park membership than for a gym membership? That seems a little overkill.

But if you're into it, check out more on BarkPark here.

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