YouTube Stars Accused Of Faking Evacuation From Their Home

YouTube stars Cole and Sav have more than 6 million subscribers and millions of Instagram followers, but they're in hot water after neighbors accuse them of faking their evacuation due to the California wildfires. The couple lives with their young daughter Everleigh in Ladera Ranch, California, an area near the "holy fire" that has burned more than 22,000 acres and destroyed 18 homes in it's path.

Last week, they posted on their YouTube page an 11-minute vlog claiming that the fire was creeping closer to their house and they had gotten an evacuation order from the authorities.  The video follows their journey from their home in Ladera Ranch to San Francisco.

The problem? The video may be total BS.

Social media has been quick to point out that the couple's home isn't actually all that close to the fires, and Ladera Ranch was never evacuated by authorities.

Neighbors have confirmed to Fox 11 in L.A. that their neighborhood was, indeed, not evacuated, and many are upset that the YouTubers exploited a situation as serious as the fire to gain views on their channel.

The fire is 91% contained, and hopefully the brave firefighters working around the clock can continue to combat the fire and keep Californians safe and in their homes.

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