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Nickelodeon Is About To Start Streaming Your Childhood

For years, we've all been begging Nickelodeon to bring back those classic 90s shows that we all grew up with -- Doug, Ren and Stimpy, Rugrats, All That....and it seems like they FINALLY LISTENED!

After a brief period of running classic Nick cartoons at like 2:00 in the morning, Nickelodeon unveiled NickSplat, their own streaming service where you can access the greatest television ever created for just $5.99 a month.

And just what kind of goodness can you enjoy for your paltry 6 dollars a month?


Let's start with Doug, which, let's be honest, is the best cartoon series ever and don't even @ me.  Doug had everything - the unassuming protagonist and his trusty sidekicks, the terrible villain (I still hate Roger), the dreamboat love interest (Patty Mayonnaise), and of course the killer theme song that you can't help but sing...or doo doo doo...along with.


Anyway, besides the first 2 seasons of Doug Funnie, you'll also get Seasons 1 & 2 of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, select seasons of Salute Your Shorts and All That, and OMG Legends of the Hidden Temple!!!!

Come on...don't even act like you didn't dream about putting together that stupid monkey at the end of Legends.  

Oh, you're still not intrigued? Okay, well how about you add in The Angry Beavers, Double Dare, The Wild Thornberrys, Rocko's Modern Life, and my very first celebrity crush Clarissa Explains It All.

For SIX dollars a month?

Yeah, I'm in.

No word yet as to whether Ren & Stimpy, Hey Arnold!, and Rugrats are coming to NickSplat, but I'd bet on Helga's Arnold shrine that those announcements are coming soon.

So, yeah, if you need me this weekend, I'll be eating an extra large bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch reminiscing on my childhood for hours at a time and dreaming about my future with Melissa Joan Hart. Kbye.

Check out NickSplat here

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