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Why Don't We Was AMAZING on The Today Show

We love the dudes from Why Don't We.  They've performed for you guys in our Acceptance Insurance Lounge, a few of you got to go bowling with them at Pinewood Social, and we can't wait for them to come back to Nashville.

We've literally seen these dudes' career grow from the very beginning.

So, even though my wife judged me for it, I was pretty excited to watch them perform on The Today Show's Citi Concert Series this morning. Why? Because they're super nice dudes, and we like when nice people succeed.

And succeed they have.

Check out this crowd! 

First things first - we gotta talk about the stage...with basically a treadmill on it so that they could literally glide from side to side.

That's DOPE.

The guys performed two songs from their debut album 8 Letters, starting with "Talk".

Listen to the crowd singing EVERY WORD of that song...and it's not even an official single.

They wrapped it up with "8 Letters", the title track from the album.

We're super happy for them and can't wait for WDW to hit Nashville again! 

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