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Eating Kale Could End Up Poisoning You

Everyone's favorite new superfood can actually make you super sick.

Kale is heralded as being a tasty low-calorie vegetable option that's PACKED with vitamins and nutrients that lend themselves to as healthy lifestyle.

But a new study from molecluar biologist Ernie Hubbard shows that, for all of the health benefits associated with kale, it could actually be slowly poisoning your system.

According to Hubbard, kale (along with several other leafy greens like cabbage and collard greens), accumulates larger amounts of heavy metals from the soil than other vegetables.  Metals like thalium (which is a common ingredient in rat poison) and cesium are often found in kale at levels that are considered many times higher than the recommended threshold.

Hubbard claims that eating too much kale, while unlikely to be fatal, can cause fatigue, arrhythmia, nausea, and even neurological issues.

Still, others are skeptical about the study, claiming that it's based on really bad scientific processes and unproven theories.

So whether or not you're #TeamKale, we can all agree on one thing.

No one ever accused tacos of poisoning you.  Therefore, based off of our totally bad scientific methods, we conclude that, for health reasons, you should eat more tacos.

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