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Caviar And Bananas Is Coming Back to Nashville!

Last year, I found my new favorite lunch restaurant in town - Caviar and Bananas.  For me, it checked off all the boxes.

Healthy options? Check.

Salad bar? Check.

Delicious? Double check.

Walkable from my work? CHECK.

And then, in June, my world collapsed when the restaurant chain announced they would be closing the doors of their location on the bottom floor of the Aertson Hotel, just blocks away from our Music Row studio.

Honestly, this was devastating for my daily lunch plans.  Music Row is surrounded by chain restaurants, fried foods, or expensive sit-down options.  I tried Chipotle, and just felt icky the rest of the day. I tried Subway, and it just wasn't the same.  I even started using Postmates more often, which is great but adds up to big $$$ pretty quickly.

But today...and not to be dramatic...but today is the greatest day of 2018.

According to Nashville Business Journals, CAVIAR AND BANANAS IS COMING BACK.

While Caviar and Bananas' corporate office in Charleston, SC has been unavailable to comment, a Craigslist posting suggests that C&B will be back in their same location, with new ownership and a business model that keeps the restaurant profitable. Also, just moments ago a @CandBNashville twitter feed popped up with the below tweet.

Oh, how I've missed you, Cuban Sandwich and roasted brussel sprouts.  Please return to my belly soon!! 

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