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Does Captain America Die In Avengers 4?

It looks like Chris Evans' time as America's Superhero is coming to an end, but does it mean the end of Captain America himself?

Chris Evans tweeted this just a few hours ago, and Marvel fans everywhere can't handle the news.

Now...BEFORE YOU freak out, know that Chris has been hinting at his departure from the Marvel Universe for a while. His contract with Marvel ends after the 2019 Infinity War release, and he has made it pretty clear that it's time for that chapter of his career to end.

It's also important to know that, if the movies stayed true to the comic book series, Captain America would already be died - Steve Rogers was assassinated at the end of Civil War, and the torch of Captain America was passed on to Bucky Barnes, his longtime friend and The Winter Soldier.

So, does that mean that Captain America is actually going to DIE in the new Infinity War movie?

After all, Thanos killed off pretty much half of the Marvel Universe at the end of the first installment.

From the comments on Twitter, it sure seems that people think this may be the end of Captain America.

Whether Captain America lives or dies remains to be seen, but either way you have to admit Chris Evans was amazing in the role, and we can't wait for Infinity War 2!

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