Would You Wear Glasses That Block Out TV Screens?

In 2018, we spend the vast majority of our lives in front of a screen.  Computer screens at work, cell phone screens and TV screens at home...it's a never-ending cycle. At least until now.

A Kickstarter campaign has popped up for a product called IRL Glasses, a product that it's makers say make TV and computer screens appear blank, even when you stare directly at them.

And the video they made for it? Well, if it's legit, this is CRAZY.

The glasses block out UV rays, but also the light from TV and computer screens.  At this point it does not block out cell phone screens, but they say they're working on that technology.  The products will start shipping in April, and can be purchased in advance for $49.

Would you wear these? Honestly, it'd be nice to unplug and get away from all the screens, but at the same time I'm not sure that a pair of sunglasses to black out the screen is really that effective of a tool.  In what setting would you wear them? I mean, sure, it can allow you to have a conversation with someone without getting distracted by a computer or a TV in the background...but at the same time then you'd be the guy wearing sunglasses inside, which is kinda weird.  So I'm not sure how practical these are, but they're definitely cool!

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