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Nashville Ranks Outside Top 50 "Foodie" Cities in America

Nashvillians pride ourselves on the food scene in Music City.  After all, it's pretty great.  

But the website isn't so impressed with us.  Out of 182 cities, they rank Nashville 69th for "foodies" in America.  #1 on the list? Portland, Oregon.  Also in the Top 10 are cities like Austin, Las Vegas, Seattle, and New York City.

The list is based on a variety of factors including affordability, variety, and the number of food and wine tours available.

So, I get it, we're not number 1.  But NUMBER 69!?!?! Just above Detroit and behind cities like Wilmington, Delaware and Newark, New Jersey? That I don't believe.

After all, has BEEN to Nashville? We have something for everyone, no matter what your taste buds demand.

Hamburgers? They are aplenty, with legendary spots like Rotier's and The Pharmacy leading the charge.

Southern cuisine? I wouldn't be Tennessee without it.  Spots like Monell's, Puckett's, and Loveless Cafe are world-renowned.

Fried Food? Oh, best believe that we do some fried food in this city. That conversation starts and ends with hot chicken.

Or maybe you're in the mood for something sweet.  Well, Nashville IS the original home of Gigi's Cupcakes, and let's not even get started on the sheer glut of ice cream spots, milkshake bars, and bakeries around town (hi, Five Daughters). 

So, excuse me, but I beg to differ with your ranking.  Okay, maybe Nashville's food scene isn't quite on par with New York or Seattle yet...but we are far, FAR better than 69th.  Come down and let us take you a few places to prove it to you.

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