New Mom Expertly Trolls Husband That Complains About Her Mood

This is the Goff family.  Mattea and her husband Kris have two beautiful children, 5-year old Seleste and 5-MONTH old Aurora.

Recently, Kris evidently asked his wife why she was always so grumpy in the morning.  Rather than starting an argument or getting angry, Mattea instead took to her art skills - with a drawing that has since gone CRAZY viral.

The post, which has been shared nearly a quarter of million times, has gotten the attention of Buzzfeed, Good Morning America, TIME Magazine, and countless other news sources, so much so that #UselessNipples now has it's own Facebook page.

Dudes, as a dad, I can assure you that your wife may not be as lighthearted about it if you ask the question "Why are you always so cranky?"

So I would suggest just not asking   

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