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Here Are The Top 5 Holiday Gifts For Adults In 2018

Well, believe it or not, we're about to turn the calendar into November which means holiday shopping season is officially upon us, and while it might seem crazy to think about, we're less than 60 days away from Santa's journey down our chimneys.

As usual, the hottest holiday gifts this year are headlined by tech gadgets of all shapes and sizes, including Amazon products and drones.  

Here are the Top 5 tech gifts for 2018.

1) Amazon Echo Show

Basically your Amazon Echo on steroids.  This one allows you to get video flash briefings, watch videos, face-to-face chat, and drop in on your home from your phone.  It's not as expensive as you would think either - the new ones run for just a little over 200 bucks.

2) Amazon Fire Stick

Or Roku, or Apple TV, or name your streaming device.  Basically, something that you plug in to your TV to allow Netflix, Amazon Video, and Hulu streaming, etc. The Fire Stick has Alexa voice-controlled integration as well, and it comes in a little cheaper than AppleTV at $49.99

3) Polaroid Cube

I mean, essentially it's a GoPro with the ability to livestream on all your social media channels, but it's made by Polaroid and it looks cool AF, so yeah, I kinda want one.  They usually run about $130 or so.

4) Projectors

Okay, I know, it's not 1980, but YES, projectors are back with a fury.  For example, this one from ViewSonic allows you to basically create an outdoor movie night on any flat surface - whether that's a screen or the side of your house is completely up to you.  And it's only $300, so it's not going to break the bank to have the coolest parties in your squad.

5) Security Cameras

They come in all shapes and sizes, and can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be, but systems like Ring and Nest are the next big thing.  They allow you to not only see who's at the door, but also drop in on your house from your phone, get notifications if something isn't right, and set off alarms if you need to.

Plus, and this is just super cute, there's this one that allows you to not only monitor and chat with your dog while you're away, but even feed him treats remotely!!

Oh, stop it. Don't even act like this didn't just melt your heart a little bit.

So that's my Top 5, but that doesn't mean those are the only gifts out there this year.  

Honorable mentions go out to the Polaroid Drawwhich is basically a 3D Printing Pen (WHAT!?!), the Tile Mate, which makes sure your keys or phone never go missing, and of course the Samsung Gear VR, which is more of a video game than anything else but still has some really cool potential.

Oh, and if you wanna buy me something nice, I won't complain about you buying me a vacuum cleaner, as long as it's a Roomba so I can be lazy and have a clean house at the same time.

And also so I can make my kid do this...

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