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This Woman Made A Political Attack Ad AGAINST Political Attack Ads

Political ad season is always pretty contentious, but honestly does it not feel like 2018 has been so much worse??

Maybe it's because, locally, we have one of the closest and most heated battles for U.S. Senate between Republican Marsha Blackburn and Democrat Phil Bredesen.  There's also a pretty hotly contest governor's race between Bill Lee and former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean.

But the ads have skewed SUPER negative this year.  A lot of attack ads, coming from both parties and trying to sling mud at their opponent just before Election Day, have been bombarding our airwaves constantly - on the radio, on TV, and even online.  NOWHERE IS SAFE.

And one woman in Indiana has HAD ENOUGH.

Her name is Linda Messmer, and she scraped up enough money to make a political attack ad of her own and air it on a local radio station in Terre Haute, Indiana.

The message of her attack ads? STOP THE ATTACK ADS.

Honestly, she sounds so sweet right up until she says "STOP IT", at which point angry grandma comes out!! But not angry grandma that strikes the fear of God in you.  It's like angry grandma that will say "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed" and leave you feeling ashamed of your very existence for the next three days.

I applaud you, Linda Messmer!! We're sick of all the negative ads too.

But regardless of the negativity, it's SO important to get out there and vote on Tuesday, kids.  Go take advantage of our American privilege and make your voice heard.

And seriously, enough with the attack ads.

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