Let's Take a Moment To Appreciate Miley Cyrus' New Video

For a month, Nashville's own Miley Cyrus went on a social media blackout. Then, earlier this week she began teasing a new song, which we now FINALLY have been graced with.

Mark Ronson and Miley teamed up for a song called "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart", a country-infused infectious pop record with a bold video to match, and the internet is feeling SOME TYPE OF WAY about it.

There is a LOT happening in this video, as Buzzfeed points out, as Miley combines political and social statements with an action movie plot to create something that we've honestly never seen before.

Priests in strip clubs, kids shooting kid targets, football players kneeling - if there's a social issue that's arisen in the last year or so, Miley probably touches on it in some way in the video.

Oh, there's lots of references to her past in the video as well, including a wrecking ball pendant hanging on a car mirror, and a news alert scene that loosely flashes back to her Hannah Montana days.

There's one word that keeps on coming up when talking about the visual...


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