This Half-Christmas Tree Solves The Holidays With Pets and Toddlers

The holidays can be a little stressful if you have a dog or a toddler at home, but one company is setting out to solve that problem.

A British company called Argos is selling a Half Christmas Tree - which is basically just a pole with the top of a tree on it.  It's designed to be out of reach for rambunctious dogs, curious cats, or clumsy little kids.

Also, it looks ridiculous.

The tree is only available through their website right now, but it'll also only set you back about 40 bucks.

I have a 2-year old that's for the first time curious about our tree, so I get where they're coming from.  Also, I'm not going to buy this tree and instead opt to teach my kid not to mess with it.

But to each his own, and if you want a Half Christmas Tree you can check it out here.

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