Secret Speakeasy Set to Open in Downtown Nashville!

A new bar is set to open up in Downtown Nashville, but don't expect long lines or a slew of country cover songs.  

Instead, this one will be a password-entry speakeasy open only to members or people who know those members. 

The Red Phone Booth, an Atlanta concept expanding into Music City, will open in early 2019 in the former Tin Cup location on Rosa Parks Blvd.

The Prohibition-style speakeasy won't just be open to the public, however.  You'll have to dial a secret phone number from a red phone booth placed outside the bar.  The only way to get that phone number is to be a member, know a member, or somehow finagle the phone number out of someone in the know.

The menu will focus on craft cocktails, cigars, and small plates.  Wanna become a member? It's not as much as you might think.  Memberships start at just $15/month and even corporate memberships are only $60.  You can apply for one here.

Personally, I can't wait for this place to open up!! Who wants to give me that secret phone number?   

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