Nashville Councilman Pushes To Ban 'Contributor' Salespeople

Nashville Metro Councilman Steve Glover is pushing a bill that would ban all street corner sales vendors and solicitors in Nashville.

This would include sellers of The Contributor, the newspaper sold by many of Nashville's homeless and formerly homeless population at popular intersections around town.

It's not the first time that Glover has taken a shot at The Contributor.  In 2015 he sponsored a bill that would have restricted the sale of newspapers on street corners.  This time, however, the bill would apply to the sale of ANYTHING on street corners - including food, water, merchandise, or newspapers.

Two pedestrians were killed in the last quarter of 2018 due to soliciting.  

His legislation is loosely based on a similar ordinance in the city of Brentwood.

Check out the entire article from The Tennessean here.

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