Lukas Graham Helped a Guy Propose To His Girlfriend

Lukas Graham is one of the most immensely talented human beings alive.

Brilliant songwriter with incredible stage presence and a vocal range that doesn't seem real.

He also happens to be a wonderful person as well.  We've had the pleasure of working with Lukas and his band several times, and he's always been full of joy and life, which is why this story doesn't surprise me. 

Vincent and his girlfriend Alex had a bonding experience very early in their relationship at a Lukas Graham concert, so when they had the opportunity to see the band live again, he wanted to make it special. 

He reached out to Lukas to see if the band would help him propose to Alex, and because Lukas loves this kind of stuff...HE SAID YES!

And the is real, people. Check it out below

Congrats Vincent and Alex!! 

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