You Can Buy A Home In This Beautiful Italian Town For A Dollar

In a plot to re-vitalize their rural community, the Italian town of Sambuca is selling homes for less than the cost of a cup of coffee...but there's a catch.

The island city of Sambuca has seen a lot of its population leave for bigger urban areas, so to jumpstart repopulation, the city is offering up homes ranging from 430 square feet to larger 1,600 square foot dwellings....for a buck.

Though on the Italian island of Sicily, the city has a rich Arab heritage as well, and ancient buildings and ruins dot the city's skyline

The catch to these super cheap homes? The city wants you to remodel them.  Within three years, you'll be asked to refurbish the home you bought at a cost starting at around $17,000.  There's a $6,500 security deposit as well

Oh, and if you need another selling point? Sambuca has huge vineyards where some of the finest Italian wines are made, and the local food is AMAZING.

So, who's in? Wanna go halfsies on a house?

Here's the full article from CNN

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