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Dog Outside In The Cold? You Could Get Fined For It

As temperatures dip below freezing this week, be aware that not taking proper care of your pets could get you in trouble (as it should).

The Metro Animal Care and Control says that when temperatures are at or below freezing, there are some Ordinances that go into effect, as follows:

  • No dogs on tethers
  • Bring pregnant or nursing female dogs inside
  • Bring puppies 6 months or younger inside
  • All non-qualifying pets should have adequate shelter.

Basically - if you're cold, your animals are probably cold too.  Residents that are caught violating any of those rules could get a ticket and be asked to pay a fine for cruelty to animals.

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If you keep a dog outside, make sure they have proper shelter such as a dog house. The door of the shelter should be positioned away from wind, and there should be plenty of dry, thick bedding that c an't become soaked with water.

It's also worth noting that older dogs are particularly susceptible to issues from the cold weather, including making arthritis worse.

Oh, and outdoor pets need more  food in the winter to help regulate their body temperature.  Don't overdo it, but it's a pretty good rule of thumb to increase your dog's food intake 25% when temps are  below freezing, and of course make sure their water bowl doesn't freeze over.

Want some more tips about how to take care of your pets in winter weather? Check out the article from FOX17 Nashville here.

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