Has A-Rod Been Cheating on J-Lo?

The big celebrity news of the weekend was the engagement (!!) of former MLB superstar Alex Rodriguez and multi-talented icon Jennifer Lopez.

Over 5 million people liked the pic, and comments of congratulations and encouragement flooded in from all corners of the world.

One person that DIDN'T send those congratulations is another former baseball player, Jose Canseco.

Getty Images/David Becker

Canseco has been in the news a lot lately, mostly for his eccentric social media posts, his brash arrogance, and his crusade against Major League Baseball that started years ago with his book Juiced, which started the backlash against steroids in professional baseball.

Canseco tweeted shortly following A-Rod and J-Lo's engagement, but his words were not at all congratulatory.

So IS A-Rod cheating on Jennifer Lopez? Honestly, we may never know, but an attention-hawking former baseball player with a vendetta against his ex-wife may not be the most reliable source of information here, so unless someone else comes out with the information, we'll just continue to be happy for the happy couple!

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