Could Graceland Be Moving to Nashville?

Though the idea seems a little far-fetched, the folks at Elvis Presley Enterprises are apparently threatening the City of Memphis to move Presley's home (and millions of dollars in tourism) to Nashville if they don't offer up desired tax breaks.

Graceland, which attracts over 600,000 visitors per year, are pushing for a huge $100 million expansion, and as part of that expansion they're looking for some tax breaks from the City of Memphis, which so far they have not been granted.

This has been an ongoing battle between the owners of Graceland and the city that, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article, led to a spokesperson for Elvis's home threatening to move the home....yes, literally, the entire home, to Nashville.

"We've had substantial offers to take every piece of wood and panel and move [Graceland]," he says.

For what it's worth, the idea of moving a historic home 200 miles seems silly, so this is likely just posturing on their end to get what they want and force the Memphis City Council to offer some incentives for the tourist attraction to stay in place. Even the Nashville Convention and Visitor's Corporation thinks the idea is far-fetched, and expressed no interest in welcoming Elvis's homestead to Music City.

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