London Hairdresser Gives The Homeless Free Makeovers

Joshua Coombes is a well-known London hairdresser with nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram. But he's not just any hairdresser. His calling card is that he offers free makeovers to the homeless. He cuts their hair, shaves their beard if they're a man, and listens to their stories. He then asks for permission to post a before and after shot on his Instagram in order to raise awareness and compassion for the homeless, reminding us all that underneath that rough exterior is another human just like you and I.

And the results (and the stories that accompany them) are simply stunning.

This is a beautiful reminder that everyone has a story that needs to be heard. Take some time and listen to one from an unsuspecting source today. Get involved with the Nashville Rescue Mission here if you're interested in donating your time or money to solving a growing problem here in Music City.