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BNA Carpet Socks Are Now A Thing You Can Actually Buy

Let's be honest, Nashville International Airport has the most famous airport carpet in the country...and maybe the world.

It has it's own Instagram account, with over 15,000 followers, and it's been graced by the likes of twenty one pilots

Jack White

And our very own Savannah Grimm

But now, you can take the obsession to a whole new wearing the BNA Carpet on your feet.

A local designer (@rayreidfashion) has designed BNA Carpet socks. They match...well absolutely nothing in your wardrobe, but they're every bit as tacky as you would hope.

This is not the only BNA Carpet attire you can own.

Nope, you can also strut your stuff in BNA Carpet heels...

BNA Carpet leggings...

Or even enjoy a cool refreshing drink from your very own BNA Carpet tumbler (which I'm actually low-key kind of into)

Basically, wherever you want BNA Carpet, you can have BNA Carpet. Check out his website for the full line of tacky goodness

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