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Perfect Gag Gift: A Deep Fried Turkey Pillow

Have you ever stared at the Thanksgiving turkey and thought "Man, I wonder what it would be like to sleep inside of that thing?

Well, if so, good news weirdo - you're in luck!!

Arby's is marketing a "Deep Fried Turkey Pillow" for $60 (!!) through a special website. And if you're wondering what a "Deep Fried Turkey Pillow" is...well, it is precisely what you picture in your worst nightmares.

Yes, that is as a giant pillow...shaped like a turkey...that you stick your head inside to sleep.

Incredibly strange? Absolutely.

Probably comfy? Yes.

Suffocation hazard? Possibly.

Either way, if you wanna stuff your head inside a turkey's body cavity at night, you'll have to wait. They're sold out, but you can eventually buy one at

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