JP Saxe Teases New Music, Discusses "Ginger Wiggles" In Exclusive Interview

JP Saxe is a renowned singer/songwriter who leapt into stardom last year with his hit single "If the World Was Ending," which hit its peak...well...just about the time the world seemed to be ending.

He's back out on the road and working on new music, including three brand new songs dropping with a deluxe version of his album on Friday. Before his show at Basement East, we got a chance to sit down with JP, talk about his new single "Soft Landing," his competitive nature, and something he does at his shows that his fans have dubbed "ginger wiggles".

Oh, and just to showcase that he's an immensely talented human, he gave us an abridged version of his huge hit "If the World Was Ending".

Check out the full interview below and make sure you're listening for his new song "Soft Landing" when it comes out on Friday!

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