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Do You Bring Your Kids' Siblings To Birthday Parties They're Invited To?

A debate is raging on TikTok after a mom of five kids admitted that any time one of her children is invited to a party, she takes all five.

The children range in age from an infant all the way up to 9 years old. And the clip concludes with Jeena's husband in the rear and a caption that says "Don't worry, we bring awesome gifts."

The video has been viewed over a million times, and people feel lots of different ways.

Some are supportive of having as big of a party as possible, like one user that claims

"you're now invited to all my birthday parties. nobody ever comes so it would be nice to have all of y'all"

Not everyone is supportive, however

Some are concerned about the burden that adds to the family hosting the party, like TikTok user Brooke who says

Imagine being a single parent on a budget and this happens, id be so embarrassed and upset

Others think it's stealing an experience for the child that was invited.

No. C'mon. Each child deserves their own individual experiences without their siblings

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Jeena said that her reasons aren't selfish. Her husband works six days a week, sometimes with long hours, and she's not okay with just dropping a kid off on their own. So she asks beforehand if the siblings can come and pays for the ones that weren't invited.

How do you feel? Do you take all the siblings to the party, or is this bad etiquette?

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