Our Favorite Foods to Pair with Wine Are . . . Wings and Mac-and-Cheese

Wine and cheese are a classic pairing. But add two more words to that, and it's my new favorite thing to eat together. A new poll found the top food men like to pair with wine is . . . MAC-and-cheese.

Family dinner for a celebration with red wine and cheers.

Photo: Getty Images

The #1 choice for women ... CHICKEN WINGS. Which, honestly, I'm surprised wasn't men's first choice. One of my favorite pairings...wine and popcorn! Seriously, try it!

The poll also found 80% of us don't follow the classic wine etiquette rules: 44% hold the glass by the bowl instead of the stem . . . 43% sometimes add ICE to their wine . . . 32% never swirl or sniff it . . . 25% are chuggers, not sippers . . . and 10% of Americans admit they usually drink their wine out of a coffee mug. (Like I'm doing right now.)

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