There is a Tinder-Like App to Help Connect Cancer Patients

There is a new app out that was created to help connect cancer patients. Founder and CEO of the Bone Marrow & Cancer Foundation, Christina Merrill, came up with the idea to develop a Tinder for people who are sick and want to connect and find comfort in those who share similar experiences.

The app is called CancerBuddy. According to Central Recorder, not only does it connect patients to other patients, but it connects them to caregivers and survivors.

“I was on a dating app and I saw this incredibly functionality of how it matches people and thought, ‘I need to do this for the cancer community,’” said Merill, according to Central Recorder. “It really helps patients who are so terribly isolated and alone during a very scary and frightening time to have that support of another person who has had the same experience.”

As someone who has been around people who have suffered from cancer, I know it can be a very lonely and isolating time. So to be able to be around people who are going through the thing can do wonders for their mental health.

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