#MostRequestedLive Interview: Niall Horan & Ashe

Niall Horan & Ashe sat down for an interview with Maxwell to talk about their collaboration "Moral of the Story" and lots more. Check out some of the highlights and then watch the full interview on our IGTV!

On how things have been going for them during this crazy year:

Ashe: "It's so up and down, I swear. I don't know who I'm waking up as. Some mornings, I'm like, 'Life is so great, and there is all this fun stuff!' And some mornings I wake up, and I'm like, 'I just wanna stay in bed today.' I feel like most people can relate to that though. It's very up and down/ I feel pretty grateful, my life is pretty lovely."

Niall: "There's been a lot of ankle injuries, and naked Instagrams, and that's my life wrapped up for the last seven months or whatever year it is."

Niall on lending his voice to 'Moral of the Story':

"I obviously knew the song, and then when it was brought to me to ask if I wanted to sing in it, I was nearly in two minds... Me and Ashe always talk about how delicate this song is lyrically, and being able to pull this off vocally is another thing, so you're kind of in two minds. Myself and Ashe had a chat about it, blah blah blah, I recorded some vocals, and I wouldn't have been offended if she'd said no, because I understand how these -- especially if you're writing a song about divorce -- how these songs go. The song was already taking off at that point in some shape or form, and I was just happy to jump aboard. It's been a crazy last sort of three or four months now."

Niall on his upcoming virtual concert at The Royal Albert Hall in London:

"I mean, it's gonna be unbelievable. When I knew I wanted to do a virtual gig, The Royal Albert Hall was the first place I thought of. It's world-renowned, it's one of the most beautiful rooms you could step into... I don't live too far from it, as it works, and also, the crew aspect was the most important to me. I knew straight away, when I was doing the gig, the first the first idea was do it at The Royal Albert Hall, and give all the money we make to my crew and then furloughed crews. Furlough doesn't work for them, because they are apparently self-employed, even though the music industry makes so much money for these governments every year. The engine room has been completely overlooked, which is our men and women who work on our crews. I've been touring the world for ten years, I know how hard they work, and they've been completely overlooked, by a lot of numpties who run countries."

Ashe on the upcoming election and the importance of voting:

"I mean, this is a massive year, and election. No matter where you fall, at the end of the day, there's no excuse not to get involved. Obviously I can only speak to being an American, but it's part of our freedom and our opportunity that we get to have our voices heard. I think it's a mistake not to vote. Just show up, come on young voters!

Niall: "You've waited 18 years to vote! Do it!"

Watch Ashe & Niall Horan's full interview on our IGTV.

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