Lauren Daigle "You Say"

If a year ago you didn't know who Lauren Daigle was, you're forgiven.  Not a lot of people did.  After falling short multiple times on American Idol (she was cut just outside of the Top 24 in 2010 and didn't make it to Hollywood the following year), she sang on an album for North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia, and was signed to Centricity Music in 2013.  She developed a pretty good following in the Christian Music scene, even winning the Dove Award for Best New Artist in 2015.

Her star burned a little brighter last year, as she took home the Billboard Music Award for "Favorite Christian Artist", but it wasn't until this year that she really took mainstream America by storm.

Her album Look Up Child has garnered critical acclaim, and her single "You Say" shows off an unbelievable voice that many have compared to Adele's, paired with a Christian-based message of hope, love, and positivity without coming across as preachy.

The album shot to #1 on iTunes, and a bevy of TV appearances, from the AMAs to Jimmy Fallon to Dancing With the Stars have made her a household name.  

In an interview with Billboard, Daigle said about her new album

I want this to be such a record of joy, such a record of hope, that people experience a childlikeness again. In the time of making this record, I had to remember who I was as a child. I want people to reflect on, 'The innocence of my childhood … how do I see myself through those eyes again? How do I love myself like that again? Where's that joy? Where's that hope?'"

Check out "You Say" below and listen for it soon on 107.5 the River!