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Arie Proposed To & Broke Up With Becca On The Bachelor!

EVERY. SINGLE. SEASON. "The Bachelor" starts off with saying, "This is the most dramatic season yet!!" 

WELLL.. last night actually was the most dramatic episode of "The Bachelor," probably in history.

Arie had narrowed it down to Lauren and Becca K

--- NOTE: he told both of them that he loves them ---

After being extremely conflicted and not knowing who he was going to choose, he ended up proposing to Becca K! **honestly, I felt that coming just from watching the episode**

Apparently, about three weeks after proposing to Becca, Arie couldn't stop thinking about Lauren..

Rumors are that every Bachelor has to sign a $5Million NDA at the end of the show, promising not to talk to the runner-up of the show for 2 years!

Arie contacted 'The Bachelor' producers & told them he had changed his mind, and allegedly the only way he was allowed to contact Lauren was if they could record him breaking up with Becca ** WHICH IS SO MESSED UP**

So, last night on the finale, Arie proposed to Becca, THEN went to her house and broke up with her, stating that he couldn't stop thinking about Lauren...

THENNNN.... they continued to air unedited video of her crying for like 40 minutes && Arie would NOT leave her alone! I legit felt so awkward just watching it!

Rumors are that Arie and Lauren are together now...

Twitter was ALL over the place with reactions about last nights episode!

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